Discover why our collagen-boosting Phyto-Retinol + CBD Night Serum Concentrate is fast becoming a cult skincare must-have

Discover Elevated Skincare

Discover the many benefits of our three award-winning serums holistically formulated with CBD and botanical ingredients. 

Holistically formulated skincare suitable for all skin types, using totally natural and organic ingredients. 
ASCEND : Elevated Skincare marries potent botanical extracts for products that are honest, sustainable and effective. Producing hand-made vegan cruelty free skincare which is made in Scotland and crafted in small batches to ensure quality, each product is available in limited quantities.


CBD is the shorthand name for cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in nature that is abundant in certain strains of Cannabis Sativa. Hemp-derived CBD, like the extracts we use at Ascend Skincare, is 100% natural. 

As a supplement, it is taken to help optimise the body’s innate inflammatory response, which is extremely beneficial when translated in skincare for people who suffer from dry, itchy, heavily blemished and overall unhappy skin.

It is legal, well-regulated, and won’t get you high.


Our CBD is tested to have 0% THC. We always provide our lab reports on the CBD used for our products in order to ensure our CBD is premium quality for skincare. 


Our CBD is extracted from hemp, a plant which grows abundantly in a wide variety of climates. Hemp is used for food, to make clothing, and construction materials. It also helps soil remediation, making hemp a true eco-warrior


Our naturally-derived CBD is extracted from 100% plant-based sources into pure hemp seed oil, making it not only vegan and cruelty-free, but also a highly sustainable and eco-conscious option compared to other extracts on the market

Natural Skincare

We believe in totally natural skincare. Our 100% vegan cruelty free skincare products will never contain silicones, SLS, parabens, artificial fragrance or mineral oils.


We hold a lot of pride in our ethics. We test on humans, source sustainably & ensure that our packaging is 99% recyclable.

Botanical Sources

We have sourced potent botanical sources of clinically effective skincare ingredients, for holistic skincare powered by nature

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