Roll with it

Jade rollers and gua sha sculpting stones are available at beauty stores, pharmacies and online – we even sell them ourselves.  But are the benefits of using these tools to massage your face and apply skincare products a myth or facts?  We all want to have great skin and many of us are prepared to try new ideas as we seek personal perfection but can applying stones to your skin really work?

Ascend’s primary goal is to make and sell cosmetics derived from hemp, a plant used by humans since Ancient Egyptian times for health & wellness benefits but somehow forgotten about and misunderstood until its resurgence in recent years.  Well jade face rollers and sculpting tools also have their origins in another ancient civilisation – China, where this technique has been used for centuries but is only recently being followed in the west.

Jade rolling and gua sha massage and sculpting tools are said to do everything from sculpting, toning and firming skin to boosting circulation, aiding in lymphatic drainage (that’s moving fluid that pools under skin), enhancing glow, reducing puffiness, minimising fine lines, improving elasticity, detoxifying and helping skincare products penetrate better.  Really?  We are inundated by advertisements of expensive skincare products so can a piece of stone that costs less than £10 really be this skincare miracle?

Voyager Gua Sha

What is gua sha?

Gua sha (sometimes referred to as ‘stroking’) is a natural, alternative therapy that involves gently scraping your skin with a massage tool to help stimulate blood flow and energy throughout the body, the traditional use was to decrease pain and tension in the muscles. Gua sha directly translates to “scratch” and “sand” (with sand in this case referring to dots or patches of redness on your skin). This “sand” (or sha) may be caused by bacteria or other toxins on the skin forming sand-like scattered or condensed areas.

Do jade face rollers and gua shas actually work?

So if you’re looking for medical proof, rather like the effects of CBD, there are currently no clinical studies that prove jade rolling or gua sha massage have any beneficial effects for skin so be wary of unsubstantiated claims made by manufacturers.  However, evidence from users indicates that the massaging technique may relax muscles and provide a cooling sensation on skin and that could have a firming benefit over time. Massaging your skin should also help to increase blood circulation in the area which can itself be an important – and natural – therapy for a multitude of skin conditions.

Jade Roller

Does it matter what my roller or gua sha is made out of?

There is a large distribution of different rollers and gua sha sculpting tools available now in a multitude of colours and materials with jade, quartz and stainless steel being the most popular.  Opinions vary on which works best but here at Voyager, our view is that it is their mechanism, namely the effect of the massage, and not their composition that counts.  Stainless steel will perhaps be more resilient to being dropped on the bathroom floor but that’s about as far as the difference goes.  Voyager’s roller and gua sha are sourced directly from China and made traditionally of jade, a mineral compound often valued for its attractive appearance.

How do I use a jade face roller or gua sha?

You can be glide your roller or gua sha on bare skin but we prefer, and find them easier, to use after applying a moisturising skincare product such as Voyager Clarity face serum or Voyager Clarity moisturiser.  We find that reduces friction and helps the skin to absorb the product.  This is also in line with traditional Chinese medicine where a gua sha massage utilises a liquid or cream alongside the massage material to stimulate your skin.  You could even pair them with a sheet face mask to smooth it on and ensure good devotion to your skin.

Use the jade roller or gua sha stone by moving it from the centre of your face upward and outward toward your lymph nodes – this promotes fluid drainage.  Some people also believe that this directional movement counteracts gravity and lifts the skin.

And don’t feel constrained by what you see on TikTok.  Jade rollers and gua shas don’t need to be limited to just your face.  Try them on your back or shoulders as well – or indeed any other parts of your body that you want to treat.

If you are using your jade roller/ gua sha for a body massage then try pairing with our CBD massage oil.

Another of our top tips is to store your roller or gua sha in the fridge.  The stones are cool to the touch anyway but we enjoy the added coolness and soothing sensation you get from refrigerating them.

Finally, do clean them after use – just soap and water is fine.  This probably sounds obvious but they will pick up bacteria that is naturally present on your skin.

How to Gua Sha

And which is better – a jade roller or gua sha?

It’s really very much down to personal preference but, generally, the pressure from jade rollers is more minimal. The roller is designed to target fine lines and wrinkles whereas the gua sha has multiple edges designed to have many more benefits.


Is it a miracle Botox? No, absolutely not. But it definitely has a lot of cosmetic benefits to offer, like softer, brighter, tighter skin. How could you not love that? Plus the original purpose according to traditional Chinese medicine is to help blood circulation and create healthy energy, so with that in mind, it should leave you pleasantly surprised when you start to notice the additional benefits to your skin.