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CBD Serums and Face Oils

Plant oils and botanical enzymes target the deepest layers of skin to achieve genuine equilibrium and a naturally radiant glow. We’ve found natural sources of the most effective skincare ingredients, and blended them synergistically for plant-based skincare that gives results from the first use. Discover elevated skincare today.

Premium CBD Serums & Face Oils

Whats The Difference?

CBD Serums are highly concentrated ingredients aimed at targeted specific skin concerns. A little goes a long way with serums because of their high concentration. Use a Serum to directly treat skin concerns with active ingredients. Our Phyto-retinol CBD Night Serum has a high concentration of plant based CBD and Retinol for overnight skin renewal and anti-aging benefits. . 

Face Oils can help with balancing the skin’s oil production and adding hydration and radiance back into dull, tired skin. They are meant to nourish and give the skin radiance and glow. Many people enjoy using a face oil underneath their makeup in the morning for a dewy, fresh faced look.¬†


Both face oils and serums help to nourish and hydrate your face.

You can use both in perfect harmony in your skincare routine!

Derived from plant-based ingredients to target skin concerns and add deep nourishment to your skin.







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Made Locally in Perth, Scotland 

All our CBD Serums and Face Oils and formulated and made locally in Perth, Scotland. We always ensure that our ingredients are ethically sourced and where we can, we buy locally to stay as sustainable as possible.