The skincare and cosmetics industry is saturated with vast amounts of products. Each making your decisions as a consumer very difficult. With the recent boom in adding CBD products or ranges into the equation like so many brands have done, we can only imagine the added confusion. Wondering: Which product is right for me? Why do CBD infused products vary in price so much? And Why choose vegan and cruelty free skincare when it is more expensive? 

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Adding Vegan Skincare Into Your Cosmetic Routine.

In this day and age many of us are extremely conscious of what we are putting into our body. Whether it is vitamins or food. Staying in the know of new nutritional fads and ways of life has become a daily thing for many of us. Seeing adverts, blogs and social media posts on a variety of lifestyle changes you can make easily according to influencers and brands. The fads are fleeting. Veganism and turning to a plant-based diet is very much a way of life not a fad. Wanting to improve your health and environmental impact is brilliant and it doesn’t have to stop with your dietary choices. Skincare and beauty that is plant-based can be found. 

What we put onto our body and skin is just as important as what we consume. This is where our vegan skincare comes into the mix. Helping you feel good on the outside and boost your confidence in your skin. 

Making vegan and cruelty free skincare doesn’t mean we compromise on our products quality. We work hard to inspire and educate our customers about our sustainable ethos, ethics and use of fully plant-derived ingredients.

M Stewart – Digital Marketing Coordinator at Ascend

Adding Cruelty-free Skincare Into Your Cosmetic Routine.

The aspect of making a cruelty free skincare product range was extremely important to us at Ascend. Products are not tested on animals at any point along the chain from the development, manufacturing and supply aspects. 

Our products are vegan and cruelty free but this doesn’t mean it is any less luxury or a stereotypical bohemian vegan brand. We have developed a high-end, aesthetically pleasing and functional product. Brightening your skin with our Caffeine + CBD Brightening Oil Serum or boost collagen production with our Phyto-Retinol + CBD Night Serum Concentrate. We are proud of our serums and as a consumer you should be too. Our aesthetic packaging means you will be proud to display our products in your bathroom to add luxury and ambience.   

What Is Sustainable Skincare? 

A big mystery and unanswered question many consumers are asking is; What is sustainable skincare? We are bombarded with this phrase ‘sustainable skincare’. Firstly what is that and how can brands be sustainable in this industry? 

It is fair to say in this industry that ‘greenwashing’ is commonplace. most importantly in no way are we stating every brand is ‘greenwashing’. Those companies who do this bombard consumers with the words sustainable and ethical but without actually practising what they preach. 

This is where as consumers and brands we need to really be placing a focus on brand transparency. At Ascend Skincare we are extremely conscious of how our valued consumers and browsers need to feel. We aim to be approachable, showing behind the scenes. Ascend have a transparency page on our website and are more than happy to receive emails with questions. We answer to put your minds at ease about our products and Scottish based in-house formulating and manufacturing. 

All three ascend products on an aesthetic mirrored background
Trio of award winning Ascend Elevated Skincare Serums, available to shop now!

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